Peace through practical, proved civil defence for credible war deterrence
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    "There has never been a war yet which, if the facts had been put calmly before the ordinary folk, could not have been prevented." - British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, House of Commons Debate on Foreign Affairs, Hansard, 23 November 1945, column 786 (unfortunately secret Cabinet committees called "democracy" for propaganda purposes have not been quite so successful in preventing war). Protection is needed against collateral civilian damage and contamination in conventional, chemical and nuclear attack, with credible low yield clean nuclear deterrence against conventional warfare which, in reality (not science fiction) costs far more lives. Anti scientific media, who promulgate and exploit terrorism for profit, censor (1) vital, effective civil defense knowledge and (2) effective, safe, low yield air burst clean weapons like the Mk54 and W79 which deter conventional warfare and escalation, allowing arms negotiations from a position of strength. This helped end the Cold War in the 1980s. Opposing civil defense and nuclear weapons that really deter conventional war, is complacent and dangerous.

    War and coercion dangers have not stemmed from those who openly attack mainstream mistakes, but from those who camouflage themselves as freedom fighters to ban such free criticism itself, by making the key facts seem taboo, without even a proper debate, let alone financing research into unfashionable alternatives. Research and education in non-mainstream alternatives is needed before an unprejudiced debate, to establish all the basic facts for a real debate. “Wisdom itself cannot flourish, nor even truth be determined, without the give and take of debate and criticism.” – Robert Oppenheimer (quotation from the H-bomb TV debate hosted by Eleanor Roosevelt, 12 February 1950).

    “Apologies for freedom? I can’t handle this! ... Deal from strength or get crushed every time ... Freedom demands liberty everywhere. I’m thinking, you see, it’s not so easy. But we have to stand up tall and answer freedom’s call!” – Freedom Kids

  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn's nasty hate attacks on peace and support for terrorism exposed for all to read

    With another violent terrorist related bomb attack yesterday, this time in Manchester rather than Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan (where similar attacks occur regularly), it's worth re-examining the prospects for openly pro-terrorism movement supporter (but allegedly anti-violence) Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister.

    True screen shot taken from a video of Corbyn in the article in Business Insider linked here, which explains: "Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV — a channel that was banned in the UK for its part in filming the detention and torture of an Iranian journalist."  We're all aware that Jeremy Corbyn has employed the son of a former BBC Director General and communist Guardian newspaper journalist and Stalinist-holocaust denier, Seaumas Milne as his propaganda director.  Milne began his career working for the Communist Party of Great Britain's Straight Left, and in his 16 February 2006 Guardian newspaper article, he denied Stalin's holocaust of 20,000,000-40,000,000 people due to 1930s collectivisation (3-6 times as many as Nazi 6,000,000 murders) by claiming that only the murders of political rebels recorded in the Soviet Archives should be remembered: "the real records of repression now available from the Soviet archives are horrific enough (799,455 people were recorded as executed between 1921 and 1953 and the labour camp population reached 2.5 million at its peak) without engaging in an ideologically-fuelled inflation game".  This is similar to David Irving's Jewish holocaust denial stunt, relying on incomplete official records and ignoring the hard facts of the holocaust established from the other records of population decrease.  The 1972 edition of The Guinness Book of Records on page 201 states that the 1936-8 purge (the Yezhovshchina) by the NKVD (later called the KGB) led to evidence in: "population statistics which show a deficiency of males from before the outbreak of the 1941-45 war" and explains that this source of data (which is so callously ignored altogether by Milne) gives 8,000,000-10,000,000 dead as a probable minimum, to which must be added the "forced labour" deaths (again omitted from all official records, but estimated from population data) of 19,000,000 murders.  So Milne is just a nasty, callous holocaust denier, and on a far bigger scale than David Irving, because the true fascism of the 1939 joint invasion of Poland by the USSR and Nazis (which lasted until June 1941) is being abused for his own personal political prejudices, which Jeremy Corbyn buys into.  Later editions of the Guinness Book of Records gave more detailed statistical estimate of Stalin's total murders of 40 million.  Milne is not refuting the details of these estimates, just ignoring them altogether (holocaust denial). The 1990 book The great terror: a reassessment by the great Robert Conquest, who had originally exposed a glimpse of the scale of the Soviet holocaust in 1968, shows that in the early 1930s over 14 million innocent Soviet citizens were murdered and by early 1939, 5% of the entire population of the Soviet Union had been arrested, 8 million innocent people were in concentration camps and prisons, and 90% of those died (2 million had already died in Soviet camps and prisons in 1937-8, and 1 million had been shot).  Milne ignores all of this evidence: Jeremy Corbyn thus employs a terrible holocaust denier.

    Extract (click on photo for larger view) from Leo McKinstry's brilliant article on shadow Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn's terrorism connections in the Daily Express, 15 May 2017, page 12.  Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who could become Britain's Prime Minister on 8 June 2017 in the general election, has repeatedly shown solidarity with terrorists like the IRA bomber Patrick Magee, who murdered five people in 1984 with a bomb in Brighton and crippled the wife of Norman TebbitJeremy Corbyn was actually arrested in 1986 outside the Old Bailey when he protested against the prosecution of terrorist Magee.  Will Corbyn do the same thing as Prime Minister, or not?

    I'm all for supporting minority groups achieve freedom of speech, but that's not the same thing as supporting groups that murder innocent people with bombs or any other means.  Corbyn is also anti-nuclear deterrence and even, as we have shown, anti-civil defence: he is obsessed with using contrived weasel words to try to attack every practical, proof-tested course of peaceful action that can mitigate and deter dictatorial aggression and terrorism.  Chamberlain thrice tried talks and handshakes with terrorists in Germany in 1938, and it just encouraged aggression which is down to actions, not words.

    1. Jeremy Corbyn claims he is anti-violence yet he has friends as terrorists, e.g. IRA and other terrorists.  
    2. Jeremy Corbyn claims he is anti-violence yet he supports terrorists, e.g. he supports Hamas.  
    3. Jeremy Corbyn claims he is anti-violence yet he is friend of Red Ken, cheerleader for anti-semites.  
    4. Jeremy Corbyn claims he is anti-violence yet he funded Holocaust deniers.  

    5. Jeremy Corbyn claims he is anti-violence yet he tolerated anti-semitism in the Labour party.  

    6. Jeremy Corbyn claims he is anti-violence yet he has been on the payroll of state-funded Iranian media.

    17 May 1987 cutting from the Sunday Express's front page showing how Jeremy Corbyn supported terrorists (full transcript below; note that the article has been misquoted in fake news by terrorism -friends of Corbyn):

    17 May 1987 Sunday Express, page 1:
    MP hails IRA dead
    “A Labour MP stood in silence for a minute yesterday to honour the eight IRA gunmen shot dead in an SAS ambush nine days ago.
    Mr Jeremy Corbyn, 38, joined a 200-strong audience at London’s Conway Hall in paying tribute to the terrorists shot as they bombed Loughall police station in County Armagh, Ulster.
    “Mr Corbyn, MP for Islington North, attacked the government’s Ulster policy and said troops should be pulled out of the Province.
    "Then Mr Corbyn, MP for Islington North, attacked the Government's Ulster policy and said that troops should be pulled out of the province [thereby giving a free hand to the IRA terrorists and preventing the Good Friday peace agreement, which in 1999 occurred only after the terrorists had been disarmed].
    “He told a meeting of the Wolfe Tone Society: ‘I’m happy to commemorate all those [terrorists] who died fighting for an independent Ireland’.”
    20 May 2017 Daily Express page 19: Richard Madeley on Jeremy Corbyn terrorism support actions while a backbench MP.


    Jeremy Corbyn is criticised by victims' families after failing to condemn the IRA

    The sister of one IRA victim said Corbyn's refusal amounted to an “insult to all our dead loved ones"

    "Mr Corbyn first met with Gerry Adams in London in 1984, well before the IRA campaign ended in 1994 [IRA terrorism ended in 1994 due to the British Army's disarming actions against terrorists, precisely what Jeremy Corbyn had opposed to loudly during the 1980s, when he believed like Chamberlain in 1938 in dialogue with terrorists prior to disarming them and as an alternative to disarming them, rather than disarming them first and talking afterwards which was the policy that proved to be successful with the IRA in the 1990s!]"

    Above: the 1984 Jeremy Corbyn politics in support of talks with terrorists before disarming the terrorists.  The IRA's 1984 slogan, "Give Ireland Peace and there will be no war," is just a copy-cat of Adolf Hitler's infamous 1938 tactics, fully explained by Genevieve Tabouis in her February 1938 Penguin books special, Blackmail or War, where she writes on page 8: "Perhaps war does not pay, but blackmail, based on the threat of war, certainly does."  This is Jeremy Corbyn's shameful legacy.  Everytime politicians go face to face and "negotiate" with terrorists who are violent coercive thugs and are in effect pointing a loaded gun at peace, you simply appease them and encourage more terrorism, more war!  Jeremy Corbyn also showed contempt to the Jewish Chronicle by refusing the answer vital questions concerning racism.

    "Just weeks after the Brighton bombing, Corbyn invited Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, and two convicted IRA terrorists to the House of Commons. ... In a disgraceful speech last Friday he stated that Britain had not fought a single just war since 1945 ... Corbyn said on Friday that he is not a pacifist.  He certainly isn't.  He is an apologist for terror movements and thuggist dictatorships all over the world, once describing both Hamas and Hezbollah as his "friends". [Jeremy Corbyn tries to exhonerate himself by using gibberish, Chamberlain-style weasel words to try to distance himself from the scorn of the victims of terrorists by denouncing all of the bloody murders done by the "political comrades in revolution", but he is in fact expressing hatred for capitalist integration and a love for the division of multi-cultural civil wars... he nauseatingly described the death of Osama Bin Laden as "a tragedy". ... A member of CND [campaign of anti-nuclear deterrence], he prevaricates feebly ... thereby rendering the whole concept of deterrence useless."

    - Leo McKinstry, Daily Express, 15 May 2017, page 12.

    Update (24 May 2017):

    February 1938 Penguin book by Genevieve Tabouis, Blackmail or War.

    In February 1938, a female French journalist, Genevieve Tabouis, the diplomatic editor of French newspaper l'Oeuvre, published the third Penguin special (S3), Blackmail or War, 246 page in length.  The date page of my second printing shows that it was first printed in February 1938, and reprinted the same month.  She warned clearly that the terrorist regime in Germany was using the threat of war to blackmail the appeasement-obsessed democracies into the defeatist policy of surrendering to racist terrorism:

    "Italy had already seen during her Ethiopian adventure how prone the democracies were to yielding to blackmail of this kind.  A year later, on March 7th, 1935, Germany received confirmation of it when ... she decided upon the re-militarisation of the Rhine ... Japan had set them both an example of these methods in 1932.  All these victories were gained without any risk [the terrorists could have changed tactics if opposed, which didn't happen], without any fighting ... Perhaps war does not pay, but blackmail, based on the threat of war, certainly did. ... In France ... Public Opinion takes the point of view that war, which may perhaps be inevitable, would involve the utter ruin of our civilisation."

    - Genevieve Tabouis, Blackmail or War, Penguin special S3, February 1938, pages 7-8.

    Fear of terrorism was used, just as Tabouis warned in February 1938, against Chamberlain later that year when he flew to Germany three times to plead with a bigoted, racist terrorist, shaking his hand and obtaining his autograph on worthless paper "peace-deals".  Tabouis also explains how terrorists use the propaganda tactics of internationalism and "uniting people" to start civil wars, just as terrorists use the same tactics now in bombing Britain and other countries to advance their agenda:

    "In the name of 'racial science', which is simply imperialism in a new guise, he demanded that 100 million persons of German race and culture who are scattered throughout the world should be united ..."

    - Genevieve Tabouis, Blackmail or War, Penguin special S3, February 1938, page 33.

    This is precisely the tactic being copied today by the so-called "Islamic State" or "ISIS" terrorists when they claim to want to unite Sunni and Shia religions in a jihad against liberty and freedom.  Commenting on the origins of Jeremy Corbyn's brand of extremism, Tabouis states on page 48 that support for communism, such as "the Commune of 1871 in France, can be traced to a nationalism which has been provoked beyond endurance."  She notes on the same page (page 48) that fascist Mussolini turned from his communist firebrand origins into a nationalist dictator in October 1922, at roughly the same time that Hitler was trying to organise his early failed terrorist revolution.

    "In France, the English have often been reproached for having welcomed fascism with the simple and short-sighted remark that every dictatorship in Europe is useful if it contributes to the maintenance of order.  Such was undoubtedly Sir Austen Chamberlain's [British Foreign Minister and the half-brother of the 1938 Nazi-appeasing ideologue Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain] idea when he proceeded to Rome in 1925, at a moment when Mussolini was in considerable difficulties.  The British Foreign Minister took the view that the fall of Mussolini would involve Italy in a fresh bout of anarchy and internal disturbances which would form a pretext for further unrest in Europe and would, above all, be likely to harm British commercial interests.

    "Sir Austen took advantage of a summer cruise in the Mediterranean to meet the Duce [Mussolini] at Leghorn.  ... The following year, Sir Austen tried to do Primo de Rivera [of Spain] the same favour by going on a cruise to Barcelona.  He imagined that he was acting in the interests of order and peace, whereas both in Italy and Spain, these moves were interpreted as granting a free hand to the joint ambitions of the two Latin dictators."

    Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain wasn't so "naive" in the way usually described, flying to Germany to visit Hitler three times in 1938, first shaking Hitler's hand at Berchtesgaden, when a week later going to Godesberg to do the same, and finally meeting Hitler for a third time in Munich at the end of September 1938.  His half-brother, Sir Austen Chamberlain, had masterminded the "let's talk to terrorists and dictators"-appeasement strategy more than a decade earlier, leading to a secure dictatorship of fascism in Italy and a Civil War in Spain.  This is fact.  Chamberlain wanted fascism.

    The idea that Britain should have a blathering, fascist supporting Prime Minister who shakes hands with terrorists like Hitler in the name of reducing our defence budget is not a far-fetched fantasy but is a real threat, since it has happened previously.

    UPDATE (26 May 2017): Jeremy Corbyn will today exploit the Manchester terrorist attack to make a ranting speech against so-called British imperialism, which he blames for the suicide attacks of 9/11

    Taking offense at anti British terrorism and anti British racism: Leo McKinstry in the Daily Express, 25 May 2017, page 12.

    Jeremy Corbyn will today make a ranting speech attacking Britain for combatting the 9/11 terrorist network, blaming British "imperialist" military anti-terrorist actions, and effectively siding with the terrorist network which hates liberty and freedom, while trying to censor any disclosure of his own involvement in backing murders by terrorists!

    The police will not arrest Jeremy Corbyn again, as they did in 1986 when he tried to prevent the prosecution of the terrorist Patrick Magee at the Old Bailey court in London.  They will permit him to incite hatred and violence because he is politically powerful and has the backing of the Guardian and BBC.

    Update (26 May 2017): Jeremy Corbyn's hate speech blaming terrorism on British opponents of terrorism

    “I have spent my political life working for peace and human rights and to bring an end to conflict and devastating wars. [No, mate, you opposed the disarming of the IRA which led to peace in Northern Ireland, and you sided with the murderers, getting arrested outside the Old Bailey in 1986 when trying to stop the just prosecution of the inhumane bomber Patrick Magee!] That will almost always mean talking to people you profoundly disagree with. [No, mate, that was what Sir Austen Chamberlain did with Mussolini in 1925, what Neville Chamberlain did with Hitler three times in 1938, and what you did with the IRA in 1984 leading them to intensify their murderous bombing spree until the brave SAS disarmed them!]  That’s what conflict resolution is all about. [No, mate, the peace talks come after you win the war to stop the thugs, not the other way around.]  … Democracy will prevail. We must defend our democratic process, win our arguments by discussion and debate, and stand united against those who would seek to take our rights away, or who would divide us.  [No, you liar, you are not a democrat and you don’t win the arguments by discussion because you REFUSED TO EVEN TAKE A SINGLE QUESTION after you gave this very speech!  Duh!  Your speech was a democratic as a Nuremberg Rally speech by Hitler, or as democratic as a pontificating rant by Fidel Castro or Joseph Stalin!]”

    - Jeremy Corbyn, hate speech favouring negotiations with terrorists, 26 May 2017.

    Jeremy Corbyn blames terrorist attacks such as Manchester bombing on UK foreign policy

    "Intelligence experts [Corbyn's CND liars presumably, and their fascist European Union friends] have linked ‘wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home’, Labour leader claims"
    Rob Merrick Deputy Political Editor
    "Jeremy Corbyn has taken the hugely controversial step of blaming Britain’s foreign wars for terror attacks such as the Manchester suicide bombing....

    “It is also a dereliction of duty to allow jihadis to return to this country, including it seems, Monday night’s terrorist,” said Ukip leader Paul Nuttall."

    Update (27 May 2017):

    Extract from the article, "Now Corbyn uses human suffering for political ends" by Chris Roycroft Davis, Daily Express 27 May 2017, page 12.  Jeremy Corbyn has consistently voted in the House of Commons against measures to halt terrorists, including the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001 and the 2006 Terrorism Act, and in 2011 he voted against the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act, and 18 months ago he abstained from voting for the Investigative Powers Bill, but he now blames everybody but himself for the results of his terrorism support in Manchester.

    One thing he has consistently supported is communism, addressing the 40th Annual Congress of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1989 to attack the deterrence of terrorism as being an "obscenity" and pledging "unwavering commitment to unilateral disarmament" while standing in front of a hammer and sickle USSR flag, as reported and photographed in the communist paper, Morning Star.  The 40th Annual Congress was hosted in his constituency of North Islington, a hotbed for anti-British racists and hate inciters.  Corbyn supported race war, cultural war, class war and religious war as part of the USSR's "divide and rule" assault on Britain in the Cold War, and he maintains these principles.

    Corbyn addressing the 40th Annual Congress of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1989. The Communist Party has taken the unprecedented step of not fielding any Communist Party candidates against Corbyn in the 8 June 2017 general election, telling its communists to vote for Corbyn's new Marxist based Labour Party instead.  All through the Cold War, communists were murdering innocent people by inciting terrorist thugs against democracy in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.
    21 May 2017 Daily Express, page 15: Jeremy Corbyn's Former Communist Party aide's [Andrew Murray] children are trying to use a tax dodge to avoid paying society £500,000 in inheritance tax (giving the lie to Communist's claims to want to use taxation to equalise wealth): "The children of Jeremy Corbyn's ex-Communist Party aide had their mother's £1.7 million house transferred into their names [avoiding a £500,000 tax bill, if she dies more than 7 years after the transfer] ... [Andrew] Murray has spoken up in support of North Korea, Stalin and the Soviet Union."

    Paul Mercer's brilliant 1986 book, "Peace of the Dead", exposed how the Marxists infiltrated "peace lobby" CND (which wanted to disarm Britain to allow the Russians to invade without a deterrent) with IRA supporters, Brezhnev era terrorists, and bombers.  Sean MacBride was on the Irish CND Committee, and on the International Peace Bureau (which counted on CND as a member body), and so on up to Boris Ponomarev, Head of the International Department for the Kremlin's Politburo, which ran the World Peace Council (a front for war).  What we see today from Jeremy Corbyn is just a repeat of the endless propaganda for Marxist revolution, dressed up in Orwellian Doublethink as "peace".  In the 1980s, most people had some resilience to this propaganda due to reading Orwell's 1984, or Constantine Fitzgibbon's When the Kissing had to stop.  To counter this, CND and fellow travelling "biased scientists" like Carl Sagan abused the data on thermal shadowing in cities by buildings (assuming falsely that cities are like unobstructed deserts) to exaggerate fires and "predict" firestorms that release enough soot to cause a "nuclear winter".  This lie was debunked in 1951 by the UK Home Office Scientific Advisory Branch's George R. Stanbury in secret studies of thermal shadowing by modern city skylines in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc.

    We have repeatedly exposed "nuclear winter" debunking evidence on this blog, but it is still being ignored by CND fear mongering terrorism supporters.  The truth is, nuclear deterrence using tactical nuclear weapons helped avoid aggression in the Cold War, but it was ended in 1991 due to propaganda from the Corbyn-Chamberlain breed of "peace monger", and has led to more terrorism.  Invasions of massed terrorist groups in trucks or in tanks can be stopped or deterred, or at least forced to disperse into a less concentrated force, by this method.  By the nuclear deterrent effect of forcing enemy tanks and vehicles to disperse, their ability to invade is diminished, and conventional weapons are then more effective in combating the dispersed invasion force.  For example, if invading enemy tanks are dispersed to reduce their vulnerability to a tactical nuclear explosion, then it is easier to pick them off one by one using hand-held anti-tank rockets.  You can't do that so effectively against the barrage of fire from a large, concentrated, invading tank force.  Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, sparking off the first Gulf War, because Reagan's W79 tactical nuclear deterrence against concentrated invasion forces had not been deployed against Middle East dictatorships, after the Cold War ended.